Welcome People of the Press

What is BandLink?

BandLink is a networking platform for musicians and the music industry. It's a way to find like minded musicians locally. It's not a MySpace replacement. It works like this: say you're a guitarist starting a band and you're missing players - you simply go and search drummers, bass players, singers, etc in your area and make connections. You can filter your search by music genre, favorite bands and distance. It's easy.

How did BL start?

BL started out of necessity. Since most of our team are musicians, we're always looking for people to play and record with, and finding the right musicians to jam with can be quite a challenge. We needed a way to search the musicians we didn't know were in our area, but might just be the perfect fit for our projects. We created this tool we all can use to make new connections and help speed up the process of creating our bands.

What is the BL vision?

Our vision for BandLink is to make it the ultimate tool every musician can rely on to find new people to start bands with. Our near future holds online auditions, local rehearsal and studio directories, feature rich EPK pages for bands and a few secret features we'll be announcing soon.

Online auditions

The way online auditions will work is like this: you create a page for your new band, select which people you're missing and all members that fit your match in the area will automatically be notified. You'll be going thru their pages, listening to their audio tracks, looking at their pics and deciding who to call out to jams next. Super easy, and very useful.

BandLink Press