Signup and Create a Page.

Are you a musician, a band, a producer or someone in the music industry? Get connected to the fastest growing network of musicians and the music industry. Signup, create a page to showcase yourself. Think of ‘Pages’ as your online business card; you can have as many as you need without signing up a bunch of times. Make a page for the musician in you, one for the promoter in you, one for the music blogger in you, etc. See how easy that it is?

Create Multiple Pages with One Account.

So you‘re a musician wanting to jam, you’re also a producer/engineer, and a show promoter? Awesome. BandLink lets you create a page for each different role you play in the music industry. Showcase your multiple talents with a page for each - a nice, easy way to keep focus on what you want to get across. Use your musician page to find people to jam with, maybe join a band or start one, use your promoter page to exhange and promote gigs, and so on. It’s not just about looking incredibly sexy online in seconds with our super sexy pages, it’s also about functionality and ease of use.

Find Musicians in Your Area.

BandLink is all localized; that means if you’re looking to connect with musicians in your city (or even in your neighbourhood!) it’s easy. Just select the area you’re in, browse the musicians around you, or broadcast to everyone in the area that you’re looking to jam or start a, say, metal band influenced by Sabbath, Tool and Pantera. And the rest as they say, is history.

Missing a Band Member? Run an Online Audition.

Looking to complete your band, just wanna jam or need someone for a recording session or a gig? Post an online audition and the site will automatically notify everyone in your area that fits the bill. It’s as easy as saying, “I need a drummer that likes Led Zeppelin in my city”. Every drummer in the area that likes Led Zeppelin gets a broadcast message of your audition instantly. You’re jammin’ in no-time.

Turn It Up to 11.

So right off the bat your pages are lookin sweet as hell. Now take that extra push you need to get over the cliff. Add your awesome tracks to your page with Soundcloud, connect your Facebook, Twitter, your rockstar vids on YouTube, your merch on BandCamp, Reverbnation, even LinkedIn.